2004 Award winning Christmas Display

HEY we won 1st place for our lights in the civic association decoration contest.

Located in Varlano Village, Newark, Delaware.

Approximately 8000 mini lights

1950 lights in the icicle strands, 700 in green tree, 700 in red tree, 1000 outlining windows, doors, and roof, 1000 in the bushes, 300 in each small clear light tree totaling 1200, and more lights in bushes in back yard too.

21 amps of power being used

Lights powered by 2 timers from 5 to 10 pm


Daughters posing with homemade snowman

Daughters posing with homemade sleigh

Daughters posing with homemade reindeer

Daughters posing with homemade reindeer

95% complete

Getting everything put away for next year.

Ahh the after christmas stash to add on for 2005. 3500 more lights!

Make shift wire spool holder. Its a boom handle.

Lights wrapped up on wire spools

Clear trees stacked on top of each other

Another addition for 2005. Purchased after christmas at a real good sale price.